A Life Less Normal by Melissa Palmer


LifelessNormal_CVR_MED Genre: Memoir
Print Price: $15.95
Page count: 282
Dimensions: 5″x 8″
ISBN: 978-1-937178-72-7

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It’s hard to figure out what normal is when you’re surrounded by crazy, but Melissa Palmer never stops trying. Her mother’s mental illness and her father’s questionable business dealings are a cloud covering the New Jersey family in a shadow of secrecy. And all of it leaves a bigger mark on Melissa than she or her brother can admit.

When Melissa is a child, her mom makes the first trip to the psych ward. The second trip comes when she’s a teen. Then Melissa’s first year away at college, her mom commits suicide.

Despite the darkness the light is always there to bring Melissa through, and that light is and always will be the same: love. As crazy as the family seems, they do love each other.

When Melissa meets Chris in graduate school, she’s not sure if their love is enough to help her reconcile with the demons of the past. But she’s got to try if they are to have a future together. Besides, when it comes down to it, aren’t we all a little messed up?