About Us

Established in 2007, WiDo Publishing LLC™ is a family-owned and operated, literary small press located in Salt Lake City, committed to publishing outstanding books in a variety of genres. We release twelve to fifteen books a year and are currently accepting submissions. Our releases are available for purchase through our website and bulk discounts are available upon request.

Independent Book Publishers Association (formerly PMA)



WiDo (pronounced like ‘widow’) Publishing, centered in Salt Lake City, began with just a few people passionate about literature. We wanted to focus on finding promising manuscripts, well-written, with strong stories and memorable characters. Not whether the authors had published or not, or whether the genres were what was hot at the moment.

Simply, to publish books that would stand out through excellent writing, careful editing and artistic design. Then sales would come, because people like a good read. Naive? Simplistic? Maybe, but ten years later WiDo is still publishing and selling books.

Our titles run the gamut from childhood memoir and historical fiction to middle-grade fantasy, YA paranormal, women’s contemporary fiction, mystery and suspense. We publish writers from all over the world.

What do our books have in common? A darn good story!

The wide variation makes marketing interesting. You, the author, fill out a promotional plan. Our team will guide, assist and support in implementing your marketing goals. Some authors’ strengths are in online promotion, others like to get out and meet people. No one plan works for everyone.

Upon receipt of the signed contract, we assign an editor to work with you to prepare your manuscript for publication, a process that takes anywhere from ten to eighteen months. Each title is released in both print and e-format, with a marketing plan based on what best suits you and your book. WiDo distributes to bookstores through Ingram and Baker & Taylor. Our books can be found in any bookstore in your area.

As a small, tight-knit organization, WiDo Publishing is well-positioned to adjust to the major changes occurring in the publishing industry.

We believe people like a good story, well-told, and that will never change.

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CEO: William E. Gowen
Managing Editor: Karen Jones Gowen
Acquisitions Editor: Joseph Jones
Editors:  Summer Ross, Vrai Kaiser, Tamara Hart Heiner, Shantell Booth, Liesel JonesScott WieczorekAshlee StephensonMaryAnne HafenAlison Strobel

Typesetting & Layout:  Marny Parkin
Business Manager: Bruce Gowen

Administrative Assistant: Jessica Gowen