Amy Saia’s Third Seeker Novel Under Contract

SALT LAKE CITY, UT August 16, 2014

Amy Profile picAmy Saia published her first novel, The Soul Seekers, with WiDo ™ three years ago. With the sequel, The Time Seekers, prepared to launch next month Saia’s third in the series, titled The Love Seekers, is now under contract. This is a much faster writing schedule, as she explains:

“The Love Seekers was so much fun to write that I guiltily typed it up in between edits for The Time Seekers. It’s a fun novel with a bit of rock ‘n’ roll history.  I’m grateful I was able to write with the same kind of love I experienced from the start. I haven’t lost my affection for those three kids stuck in a small town called Springvale, and probably never will.”

WiDo Publishing submission editor, Allie Maldonado, has this to say about Saia’s series of Seeker’s books: “Romance, love triangle, paranormal ghost story, time travel adventure– written with Amy’s particular style which is part young and breezy, part lyrical, part fun and sweet– always enjoyable.”

When asked if this is the final one in the series, Saia responds, “A person should know when to stop on a good note. I may write something about a family of professional ghost hunters, and it may be related to the Seekers trilogy, but it’s too soon to worry about it. For now, I need to clean my house and get some sleep.”

According to Maldonado, “Each is a stand-alone novel, and this one definitely ends on a final note. Personally, I’d like to see Amy go in a completely different direction with her next work. She has a strong talent and potential as a writer. It will be interesting to see what she comes up with next.”

Amy Saia, like most writers, read a lot as a child and wanted to write to emulate her favorite authors. “As an adult, I started a few novels that were halfway decent but missing one important element: plot. You kinda need it!” But she always knew she wanted to write and had something in her that would eventually come together at the right place and the right time.

She has learned to be patient and have fun in the process. “To be a writer you have to read and write, a lot. You should learn to be professional and give up any expectations of ‘fast.’ Nothing in the writing world happens on a quick timeline, and it’s for good reason. A good piece of writing goes through many hands before it’s considered done. If you understand this, you are one step ahead of the rest. But mostly, it’s good to remember that writing is about having fun. If it’s fun to write, it’s fun to read!”

Amy Saia grew up in a small town in eastern Kansas where early on she developed a love of fiction, largely due to her mother’s job at the local library. Her first serious work, The Soul Seekers, was picked up by WiDo Publishing and came out in 2011. Since then, Amy has worked diligently on novels and short stories, and is proud to be working with WiDo for her time-travel romance, The Time Seekers. You can find her on Twitter at: and on her blog: