Announcing the Acquisition of Southern Saga by Elaine Drennon Little

SALT LAKE CITY, UT  November 19, 2012

elainedrennonlittle_nov2012WiDo Publishing™ is pleased to announce the acquisition of a novel by Southern writer, Elaine Drennon Little, through the Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency; Amanda Wells, agent.

Elaine says, “I am ready to move forward and excited about the journey that lies ahead for me with Wido Publishing. Thank you again for believing in my work enough to include me as one of your writers.  I look forward to working with you and am excitedly ready to begin!”

Adopted at birth, Elaine Drennon Little lived her first twenty years on her parents’ agricultural farm in rural southern Georgia.  A public school music teacher for twenty-seven years, she continued to dabble with sideline interests in spite of her paid profession.  In 2008 she enrolled in the MFA program at Spalding University in Louisville, where upon graduation she finished her second novel manuscript. Recently retiring as a high school chorus and drama director, she currently lives in north Georgia with her husband, an ever-growing library of used books, and many adopted animals.

Told through multiple narrators and spanning forty years, Elaine’s novel explores both the complex relationship between farmer and soil and a family with its town.  Uniquely woven with issues of race, class, and southern peculiarities, Little’s tale reminds the reader that a family’s legacy can be many things—a piece of earth, a familiar dwelling, a shared bond, or anything that continues to keep us connected.

WiDo’s acquisition’s editor, Allie Maldonado, had this to say about the manuscript: “It’s a story you keep thinking about long afterward. And the characters stay with you, remembering them as real people until you realize that no, these were characters in a book I read once. Elaine’s novel will be that kind of book.”

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