Another Eric Trant Novel to Hit the Shelves

SALT LAKE CITY UT May 18, 2016

Trant_Author_PicEric Trant is not a sequel kind of guy. Once he finishes writing a book, he likes to go on to something different, tackle another story, another genre. Each book is like a new adventure, where he hopes to engage readers to go on the adventure with him. “When I write, I’m exploring new topics as much as the reader.”

The first book he published with WiDo™ Wink (WiDo Publishing, 2013), a gritty thriller set in the South,  is one of those books you can’t easily forget. As one reviewer said, “It is a thriller, but it blends a bleakly Southern Gothic style, action, and supernatural horror into a coming-of-age tale woven with darkly lyrical intricacy.”

His second, Steps (WiDo Publishing, 2015), ventures into completely different territory, the last days apocalyptic novel. Like Wink, it has strong spiritual overtones and it “takes you to a place where black is white and white is grey.”

Trant’s latest offering, now under contract for publication next year, is set in Italy during the turn of the 20th century. It is a young boy’s view of family and community as he labors in the deadly sulfur mines.

“At times it is heartbreaking, like all of Eric’s work, yet still hopeful and inspiring,” states Allie Maldonado, WiDo’s submissions editor. “Eric is an amazingly talented writer who explores complex themes while telling a thought-provoking story.”

The author’s reading is as diverse as his writing, and he covers a great deal in a variety of genres, currently reading Samuel Beckett. He also reads the blockbusters “even if I just skim them”, to stay in touch with what modern readers are enjoying and why.

Trant believes it’s important for writers to read widely and not “pigeonhole your brain into one little slot of reality. You’ll write diverse characters, settings, plots and so on, which means you need to cultivate a diverse range of knowledge.”

Trant writes in the early mornings, usually before six, “when my mind is still fresh off the dreamboat.” As he says,  “Some authors describe writing as a ‘waking dream.’ For me, this is a literal truth, and mornings are the best time to immerse myself.”

“Besides being a dedicated and talented writer, Eric is wonderful to work with, through and through a professional,” states Maldonado. “We love him at WiDo. And I think this one just might be his breakthrough book, that gets Eric the acclaim he deserves as a serious novelist.”

Eric Trant is the author of the thrilling novels Wink (WiDo 2013), Steps (WiDo 2015), and Out of the Great Black Nothing (Open Heart 2010), as well as several short stories. He lives in Dallas with his wife and children. You can visit Eric at, or follow him on Facebook at