Arizona Guy by Raymond Spitzer


Genre: Regional Mystery
Print Price: $13.95
Page count: 226
Dimensions: 5″x8″
ISBN: 978-0-9830238-9-0

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Ted White, a high school band director from California, comes to Ajo, Arizona to house-sit for his aunt and uncle, hoping to get some space from a failed relationship.

But something isn’t right. Ted’s relatives, not scheduled to leave until he arrived, are gone. They left  no note, no key, they don’t answer their phones. And no one in this small town seems to know where they are.

As Ted works with the local police to unravel the puzzling mystery, an unknown enemy sabotages his every move. Someone wants Ted to leave town. But why?

“The mystery is believable and the characters and their surroundings even more so. Ray Spitzer has our hometown down pat. He stirs humor into the story, adds the seasoning of a little natural history, and pulls off a very readable first novel. I hope the next in the series is out soon so I can find out what happens next to my fictional neighbors.” ~Gabrielle David, Ajo Copper News

Arizona Guy is a charming, suspenseful mystery depicting small town life along the U.S.-Mexico border . . . .” ~Rich Radford, Torrence Daily Breeze