Playing With Fire by Raymond Spitzer

PlayingFire_CVR_LRG Genre: Mystery
Print Price: $15.95
Page count: 271
Dimensions: 5×8
ISBN: 978-1-937178-50-5
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Someone has been burning buildings in Ajo, Arizona for months. Then, inexplicably, Ted White’s apartment is firebombed and he begins receiving anonymous email threats. Whoever this arsonist is has targeted Ajo band director and community choir leader Ted White.

Detective Sandy Sandino has been investigating potential suspects: an alcoholic construction work who tried running Ted over with his motorcycle; a drifter with a mysterious past; a high school senior just released from juvenile detention. And what about the new football coach with a winning record, hired without a background check? Coach Cesar Cruz just seems too good to be true.

Ted and Sandy unite in an effort to stop the arsonist before the little border town is burned to the ground.