Beth Daigle’s Travel Memoir to be Released by E.L. Marker

SALT LAKE CITY, UT November 01, 2017

When your whole family says, “Let’s take a vacation to the Mediterranean!” and it nearly gives you a nervous breakdown, how do you respond? You grit your teeth and agree to it. At least, that’s what Beth Daigle did in 2012… and somehow she lived to tell the tale.

Before her Mediterranean adventures, Daigle had been writing for many years. After numerous blogs and articles, she was ready to write a book. She states, “I had toyed around with several book ideas, but none seemed quite right.” Once the impending trip approached, the author grew more focused on keeping herself together than writing a story.

Daigle has harbored travel anxiety for many years, which intensified since 9/11, reaching a point where the very act of approaching a plane brought images of terrorist attacks. But she wouldn’t let her family down.

With a party of nine and a goal of seeing three countries in two weeks, she steeled herself and set off. Daigle recalls, “For me, the struggle to reach our first destination is as much the story as the incredible experience we had once there.”

Beth Daigle was determined to have a good experience despite her anxiety. “The places we saw, the excursions we took, the food we ate and the tour guides we got to know were the heart of this trip,” she explained. “And the quiet, strange and silly moments between stops completed the story.”

And the author never likes to take a vacation from her love of writing. She kept a travel journal through the fourteen day adventure. “About midway through the vacation, my notebook was nearly full,” Daigle told us. “I thought, I have so much material. This is my book!”

But getting through the Mediterranean tour was only half the experience. Next, Daigle had to craft her notes into her own kind of memoir. “Musing Mediterranean is a feel-good book at a time when, I believe, readers are in desperate need of feeling good – especially when it comes to travel.”

The staff at E.L. Marker enjoyed this positive travel account. WiDo’s Managing Editor Karen Gowen stated, “It felt like being along for the adventure of her family’s trip. And fun to watch the unfolding events as we see Italy and Greece through Beth’s eyes.”

And Daigle was also impressed with the WiDo Family of Publishers. “In my search for the perfect publisher, I read the mission statement and kept my fingers crossed that Musing Mediterranean had found its home.”

Gowen states, “We’re eager and excited to bring Beth Daigle’s first book to readers.”

Beth Daigle is a freelance writer and lifestyle blogger. She writes for several regional publications north of Boston where she resides with her husband, two daughters and sweet Schnauzer. Beth earned her undergraduate degree in marketing from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and her Master of Business Administration from Bentley College (currently Bentley University).

Throughout her marketing  career, Beth enjoyed writing, becoming a freelance writer while raising her daughters. Her favorite projects were writing a local column about the movie and film industry and being editor a regional home magazine.

You can learn more about Beth at her website and visit her lifestyle blog at where she talks about life, family, fitness, food, home design and more.