Brothers Isaac and Joshua Fisher Co-Author Spiritual Fantasy Series– Starring Cain

SALT LAKE CITY, UT August 10, 2017

Isaac and Joshua Fisher have lived divided lives. They battled constantly through childhood. Their time was divided between Utah and Minnesota. In Utah their mother reared them to be ministers, in Minnesota their father taught them to be creative thinkers.

In adulthood, the brothers chose different career paths, created different family lives, and even live in different parts of the country. But these brothers, as different as Cain and Abel, have redeemed their relationship, become close confidantes, and are now writing books together.

It’s no wonder the concept of redemption is the foundation of their trilogy.

Isaac explained, “The story begins with the father of murder, Cain, cursed to be an eternal teen. [He] has searched for a way to redeem himself for his brother’s murder for over ten thousand years”.

Inspired by their own relationship and influenced by their religious upbringing, these brothers have crafted a fantasy series featuring history’s greatest anti-hero as the main protagonist.

“Using Cain just seemed fitting. Who better to crave redemption than the cursed son of the first man?” Isaac Fisher said. The brothers worked together writing the first book in the trilogy tentatively named, “Cain’s Revelation.”

First ideas for the story came while the brothers were driving through the red canyons of southern Utah. These red stone cliffs inspired them, and they imagined that the cliffs looming over them were carved from the fall of the angels. This idea caught hold and they couldn’t stop talking about it.

They began writing a trilogy spanning from the creation to the end of days, answering questions like why Satan rebelled, why God could not intervene in the war in heaven and how the angels were created. All this in a work of science-fiction that both religious and nonreligious people can enjoy.

When the first book was finished, Joshua came across WiDo Publishing while networking with various authors and publishers. He told Isaac, who looked further into the company and felt that WiDo exceeded his expectations. He sent in the query letter and chapter samples at once.

“WiDo is the perfect home for us. It is fitting we publish our first novel in our first home, Salt Lake City”, Isaac said.

Submissions Editor, Joseph Jones responded to the submission, “Your manuscript has a great premise, with a complex yet fascinating story line. It pulls you right in. We look forward to seeing what you do with the rest of the series.” WiDo and E. L. Marker are excited to welcome these two collaborate brothers to the WiDo family of publishers.

Isaac Fisher

Isaac is a voracious reader, recently he has been living on gritty mysteries with authors such as Lee Childs, John Stanford, and Michael Connelly. Occasionally, he dabbles in science fiction and fantasy, where his influences are Isaac Asimov, R.A. Salvatore, Brooks, and Kurt Vonnegut. Living in Wisconsin with his wife, two kids, a cat, a love of writing, cooking, reading, and photography, Isaac keeps his days busy.


Joshua Fisher 

Joshua likes reading true crime stories, because the heroes are real. However, when it comes to science fiction and fantasy, Joshua prefers his stories on the big screen. Joshua is a single-father and he resides in Utah where he works full time managing freight. He spends his free time writing and dabbling in music production.