Journalist turned Novelist Ellen Valladares Signs with WiDo™ for YA Novel

SALT LAKE CITY, UT September 1, 2016


WiDo Publishing™ submissions team was impressed not only with the manuscript but with the author, Ellen Valladares. This was a strong factor in the decision to offer a contract for her YA ghost story.

Ellen Valladares self-published her first novel, Jonathan’s Journey to Mount Miapu, in 2008. The book received several awards, including a Mom’s Choice Gold Award and the 2009 Coalition of Visionary Resources Visionary Awards Book of the Year.

“Clearly Ellen is the kind of author we are looking for right now,” WiDo’s managing editor Karen Gowen says. “She not only sent us a polished, well-written manuscript but an excellent marketing plan. The fact that she’s done this much with her self-published book is a sign of someone committed to her career.”

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Elizabeth Fournier, “The Green Reaper”, Accepts Contract With WiDo™

SALT LAKE CITY, UT August 5, 2016
Elizabeth 1

Elizabeth Fournier’s memoir begins as the charming story of a precocious child obsessed with death. It continues to tell the tale of how this little girl grows up to enter the field of mortuary, a career largely dominated by men, and to become one of the first women to solely own a funeral home.

When not working at her repurposed goat barn mortuary, Fournier uses her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism to write a monthly column for the literary magazine, Black Lamb. She has also been published in other magazines, as well as having been featured widely in the national press for her innovative work with green burials. She is fondly known as the “Green Reaper,” the working title of her memoir, now under contract with WiDo Publishing.™

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WiDo™ Acquires Timely Political Thriller by Journalist Stephen Clark

SALT LAKE CITY, UT August 3, 2016

clark_stephenStephen Clark got the idea for his political thriller shortly after then-Attorney General Eric Holder declared in 2012 that it was constitutional for the government to kill U.S. citizens overseas without any judicial review if they were deemed a terrorist threat.

Holder’s remarks came after a U.S. drone attack killed an American-born Muslim cleric in the Arabian Peninsula. Given the author’s experience covering national politics at, he thought it would be fascinating to write a story that takes that policy to its logical conclusion.

“Stephen Clark’s novel is an excellent story on a contemporary subject, very thought-provoking, a complex and thrilling read,” WiDo Publishing™ managing editor Karen Gowen says about the book. “We are excited to be working with a writer of his caliber and background.”

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WiDo™ to Publish Michael Gaulden’s Memoir of Growing Up Homeless

SALT LAKE CITY UT July 20, 2016

gaulden11Millions of youth are homeless every year in America. Michael Gaulden was one of the very few young men who found his way out. Since beating homelessness, he’s felt compelled to share his story, to tell the truth about his experience.

“In my darkest hour there was no guiding light. I had to stumble along and faced many preventable obstacles along the way.  I made mistakes. I did not have a map to follow the road of homeless life, let alone the inner city.”

Now, a graduate of UCLA, a professional educator, community activist and public speaker, Gaulden’s mission is to provide that guiding light for youth in the same situation as he was. His experience is one that defines resilience and perseverance no matter what obstacle any one faces.

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Medical Memoir by First Time Writer Picked up by WiDo Publishing™

SALT LAKE CITY UT July 5, 2016

image1“It is extremely difficult for a non-writing individual to put together an effective memoir,” says WiDo Publishing™ submission editor Allie Maldonado. “There’s so much more to it than just giving details. One must be able to turn the experience into a story that others can relate to. This is exactly what Ali Barton does with her medical memoir.”

Once Maldonado opened the manuscript, she was immediately drawn into it and quick to request a full. “It’s not just the compelling circumstances but it’s the people. You really care about them and have just got to know what happens next.”

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N. Tolman Rudolph Sequel Under Contract

SALT LAKE CITY UT June 22, 2016

IMG_2893-EditWhen WiDo Publishing’s submissions editor, Allie Maldonado, read the manuscript from Norma Rudolph, pen name N. Tolman Rudolph, she found it just as fresh and intriguing as the first one, now in editing with WiDo.

“This seamlessly connects with the first in the series without being repetitive,” states Maldonado. “It’s often difficult to write a good sequel but Norma pulls it off with great skill.”

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Epic High Fantasy Series by J. M. Cliff Under Contract With WiDo™

SALT LAKE CITY UT June 17, 2016

In 2003, two Southern California high school girls, after seeing the Lord of the Rings movie, sat outside the theater, their emotions swept away by the film. Chelsea said she had always wanted to write a high epic fantasy in the Tolkien philosophy. Amanda admitted this had been a dream of hers as well.

Although the high school sophomores were busy with academics, sports and extracurricular activities, they decided to jump right in and together write a book. The next day they sketched out their main character, Gilaon. On the weekends they squeezed in collaborative writing sessions.

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Recent Awards for WiDo Books

SALT LAKE CITY UT May 25, 2016

The following books published recently by WiDo™ have received awards. Congratulations to these talented authors for their achievements! We are so very proud of your work.

Carol Pratt BradleyCarol Pratt Bradley, LIGHT OF THE CANDLE

Whitney Awards finalist in Best Novel by a New Author and finalist in Historical Fiction, 2015

“Alternating between Daniel’s and Sarai’s story, Bradley’s fiction is significant in its research and depth. She moves through this ancient world with ease and assurance, incorporating biblical, historical, and imaginary characters into her narrative, along with an authenticity of language and custom.” –The Historical Novel Society

“Author Carol Pratt Bradley has put a romantic twist on the story of a well-known Old Testament hero. Light of the Candle is thoroughly researched, and readers can learn a lot about ancient Israel and Jewish customs.” –Elizabeth Reid, for the Deseret News


140108-084116Paul H. Yarbrough, A MISSISSIPPI WHISPER

Bronze Award for Regional, 2015 Independent Publisher

“The book revels in 1950s nostalgia….Readers who don’t demand an exciting plot point in every single chapter and those nostalgic for their 1950s childhood will enjoy the trip back in time.” –B.J. Sedgwick, The Historical Novel Society

“First time novelist, Paul H. Yarbrough, masterfully transports readers deep into the world of Mississippi Cotton, where life is not as simple as it seems.” –Julie Cantrell, editor, Southern Literary Review


DavidAuthor 043David Kalish, THE OPPOSITE OF EVERYTHING

First place winner in Literary Fiction of the 2013 Somerset Awards for Literary & Mainstream Fiction

Finalist in the Humor/Comedy category of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

“If you enjoy dark comedy and humor about everyday life, as well as witty banter and offbeat characters, then you will love Kalish’s debut novel.”–Margo L. Dill, The News-Gazette

The Opposite of Everything is an evocative tale of pre-hipster Brooklyn in which Mr. Kalish injects his pitch-perfect humor into some of the most challenging quandaries a career-focused New Yorker can face. His oddball characters mix in a clash of cultures between native New Yorkers and the immigrants who infuse the city, and the book’s central character, with new life.” –Gerry Mullany, deputy editor, The New York Times

Book about Saving Baby Seals in Russia Finds Publisher in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY UT May 24, 2016

AlaskaJoe Putnam had sent off his manuscript, a non-fiction account of saving baby seals in Russia, to several different publishers with no success. Generally he was told they loved the story but didn’t think a book about saving seals in Russia would be marketable in the U.S.

WiDo submissions editor Allie Maldonado disagreed with that assessment. “People love animal stories, regardless of the setting. This is a heartwarming story of the ringed seal, endangered in that part of the world. Yet rescuing them is such a bureaucratic nightmare nothing was being done.”

As a staff officer in the army, Joe Putnam did a lot of writing, but story-telling had never been his forte until about nine years ago. He had just begun to write opinion editorials for local newspapers and had an interest in writing, but no real experience in writing books, until he heard the story of Slava and Lena.

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Another Eric Trant Novel to Hit the Shelves

SALT LAKE CITY UT May 18, 2016

Trant_Author_PicEric Trant is not a sequel kind of guy. Once he finishes writing a book, he likes to go on to something different, tackle another story, another genre. Each book is like a new adventure, where he hopes to engage readers to go on the adventure with him. “When I write, I’m exploring new topics as much as the reader.”

The first book he published with WiDo™ Wink (WiDo Publishing, 2013), a gritty thriller set in the South,  is one of those books you can’t easily forget. As one reviewer said, “It is a thriller, but it blends a bleakly Southern Gothic style, action, and supernatural horror into a coming-of-age tale woven with darkly lyrical intricacy.”

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