Engineer by Day, Writer at Night, Karl Hanson to Publish His Debut Novel with WiDo™

SALT LAKE CITY, UT August 17, 2017

Ten years ago, when Karl Hanson envisioned a story about interstellar space travel, he knew it had to be plausible. As a structural engineer, science fiction carries a lot more science than fiction for Karl.

The logistics of populating a planet light years from our own was not the challenge for Karl; the real challenge was writing the story.

“The trouble is, I’m an engineer, not a writer,” Hanson explained. “I have done a lot of technical writing in my career, but the last time I did any creative writing was back in high school.”

For years he kept his stellar idea “in my back pocket” as it grew a life of its own. One day in 2015, he shared his story with his daughter, Paige, and she encouraged him to write the book.

“Without her,” Hanson said, “I would have never had the momentum to start this project.”

Hanson never liked the science fiction where the science ventured into fantasy. He only liked the “hard” science fi novels that use as much real science as possible to make the story believable.

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Brothers Isaac and Joshua Fisher Co-Author Spiritual Fantasy Series– Starring Cain

SALT LAKE CITY, UT August 10, 2017

Isaac and Joshua Fisher have lived divided lives. They battled constantly through childhood. Their time was divided between Utah and Minnesota. In Utah their mother reared them to be ministers, in Minnesota their father taught them to be creative thinkers.

In adulthood, the brothers chose different career paths, created different family lives, and even live in different parts of the country. But these brothers, as different as Cain and Abel, have redeemed their relationship, become close confidantes, and are now writing books together.

It’s no wonder the concept of redemption is the foundation of their trilogy.

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Sonoma Valley-inspired Author, Joanell Serra, Signs with E.L. Marker™ for Her Literary Novel

SALT LAKE CITY, UT May 16, 2017


An award-winning playwright also acclaimed for her short stories, Joanell Serra has a love for writing… just not novel writing.  At least that was the case, until her characters practically begged her to bring them to life in a full length novel.

Serra says, “The characters [from my short stories] kept popping up in each other’s stories.  After one editor read my stories, she gave me the bad news: it really needed to be a novel!  I dug back in and rewrote the story, tying all the storylines together.”

As a family therapist, Joanell Serra has keen insight into the theme of identity within the family, a theme she explores in her writing.  She also draws on her love for her home region in Sonoma County, California. Serra states, “I love the interesting layers of community here, across cultures and socioeconomic divides. The landscape is so lush and stunning, it literally inspires one to create.”

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Latina Author Linda González Chooses E.L. Marker™ to Publish Her Family Memoir

SALT LAKE CITY UT May 10, 2017

“What is the story that haunts you; that you don’t know how to tell?” This was the question presented to Linda González at a writing retreat. “My gut balked,” González recalled, “but I wrote down my father’s story of leaving one family to start another.

“While I listed other possibilities for the assignment, this story had the scent my nose wanted to follow. It held decisive truths about my current life — my wish to grow up-and-beyond my past and stop the chain reaction of secrets.”

While Linda is always writing, this assignment – this family secret – compelled her to pour her heart and soul into a new project: seek healing by telling the truth of her family in a memoir.

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USA Today Bestselling Author, Daryl Anderson, Selects E.L. Marker™ for Her Third Novel

SALT LAKE CITY UT March 20, 2017

employee of the month

From teacher to registered nurse to mystery writer, Daryl Anderson has transitioned from improving lives to saving lives to ending them – but fear not. She will see that justice is done.

After penning USA today bestseller, Murder in Mystic Cove, and Death at China Rose, Anderson faced a mystery of her own: who would publish her third book? “When searching for a publisher, I’d heard a lot of positive comments about WiDo’s editors, and I was also impressed by the support you provide your authors. A successful book is a collaboration, not a solo act.” This made WiDo a likely suspect.

When E.L. Marker’s submissions editor, Joseph Jones, read through Private Investigator Addie Gorsky’s third adventure, taking place in a psychiatric treatment center, he knew he had found a gem. “Anderson’s writing is really impressive,” Jones remarked. “This is just the kind of engaging story E.L. Marker is looking for.” He forwarded Anderson’s manuscript to Karen Gowen, Managing Editor for the WiDo family of publishers, and the plot thickened.

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Veronica Hollis Signs with E.L. Marker™ to Publish Grief Memoir

SALT LAKE CITY UT March 17, 2017

gaulden11Few things are as difficult to endure as losing a beloved spouse. The ensuing feelings of emptiness and isolation are hard to bear and most widows and widowers don’t know where to turn. This was where Veronica Hollis found herself when she lost her husband to an accident.

As a new widow and single mother, Hollis found comfort in her faith and hope and felt strongly that she needed to reach out to others in her same situation.

“I came to write this story to help other widows and to release my own grief emotions.  Grief is exhausting and widowhood is a difficult journey,” says Hollis. “I began writing a few months after my husband passed away, as I needed a safe place to release everything, to know I would not be judged, to say what I wanted without repercussions.  I will forever proudly tell my story of love, loss, and hope.”

To bring about her cause, Veronica co-founded, an apparel and accessories company for the widowed and faith-based communities. She has also become a public speaker, writer, blogger and leader in the community. She has found great joy in sharing her hope and healing and is excited to publish her book with E.L. Marker, the new hybrid imprint of WiDo Publishing™.

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Sequel to Red-Tailed Rescue by John Irby Coming Soon

SALT LAKE CITY, UT February 17, 2017

John Irby’s delightful middle-grade tale, Red-Tailed Rescue, about the friendship between a young girl and a hawk named Orville, was published by WiDo in 2014. There was no suggestion about a sequel, so WiDo’s Managing Editor Karen Gowen, was surprised by the submission of a follow-up book three years later.

“I was thrilled that John had penned a sequel. Red-Tailed Rescue is one of my very favorite of all our WiDo books,” stated Gowen. “It’s the kind of story you read and re-read, then go buy copies for your kids or grandkids.”

The author hadn’t intended on going further with the story, but as Irby says, “So many people told me how much they loved Red-Tailed Rescue, that I decided to try a follow-up.”

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WiDo to Publish Paul Yarbrough’s 3rd Southern Novel

SALT LAKE CITY, UT January 17, 2017

Paul Yarbrough writes books with a Southern connection. He lived and went to school in Louisiana (South Louisiana).

“My wife was from North Louisiana. There is a big difference in the two areas. I met her after I moved to Houston, ” Yarbrough reflects. His first two books, Mississippi Cotton (WiDo Publishing, 2010) and A Mississippi Whisper (WiDo Publishing, 2014), were, as the titles suggest, set in Mississippi.

He says, “While they are fiction, there is a great deal of autobiography in both Mississippi novels. My original plan was to write a novel about Mississippi (my roots), Louisiana (my wife’s roots), and Texas (my son’s roots). However, I have written two novels about Mississippi and one about Louisiana.”

The author’s new book, now under contract with WiDo,™ encapsulates Southern culture from post-Civil War era to current time, told from the viewpoint of a farming family in the Port Breaux area of Southern Louisiana. The story follows the two boys, Forrest and Travis McKinzie, as they grow up in an evolving South.

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“I Am Not a Spy”– Memoir of a Jewish Student Going Deep in the Arab World

SALT LAKE CITY, UT December 2, 2016

michael_bassin_photoEarlier this year, a manuscript appeared in WiDo Publishing’s™ submission box with the intriguing title “I Am Not a Spy.” It was the true story of a young American Jew, Michael Bassin, who travels to the Middle East in an attempt to understand why the Jews and Arabs can’t seem to get along. Submissions editor Allie Maldonado eagerly opened it.

“At first reading, Michael’s story had some fantastic elements but needed better organization,” Maldonado states. “I was buried under submissions at the time and so I sent off a rapid rejection. He responded with graciousness, asking me if I wouldn’t mind telling him how to improve his work. He seemed genuine, friendly and open, politely requesting a few tips. Unable to resist such a positive attitude, I summarized what I felt it needed and invited him to rewrite and resubmit if he wanted to give it another shot. The revised manuscript was absolutely everything I’d hoped for!”

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Another Persephone Smith novel by J.L. Delozier Coming Soon from WiDo Publishing™

SALT LAKE CITY, UT October 25, 2016

jldelozier-jpegJen Delozier’s first novel Type and Cross (WiDo Publishing, 2016) came out strong at the first of the year and is still selling well in both print and ebook. “It’s fantastic that Jen was able to follow up so quickly with a sequel, to take advantage of the momentum she has with her first book,” states WiDo managing editor Karen Gowen.

Since the author is Dr. Delozier in her day job, how she manages a career as a busy general practitioner as well as a producing novelist is the top question that comes to mind.

“I make time. Pure and simple. I’m used to rolling out of bed and being OTD (out the door) in 15 minutes, so I’m not one of those who can get up early and write in the morning,” Delozier explains. “Blame it on beeper training from my old days of being on call. I write in the evenings and on weekends. My husband is a TV watcher, and I’m not, so I can usually find guilt-free time to write in the evenings.”

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