WiDo Publishing™ Acquires Short Story Collection from Award-winning Author Rebecca Lloyd

SALT LAKE CITY, UT August 2, 2013

REBECCA LLOYD photo by Rosie TomlinsonBritish writer Rebecca Lloyd began writing in 1996 after returning to the UK from a remote hospital in Tanzania where she’d been working as a tropical diseases’ diagnostician.

Lloyd says, “I think that my life up there in the mountains was so extraordinary and magical that it triggered some thirst in me to write about, and in some ways celebrate, my fellow humans. My first piece of writing was a novel based on my experiences in that hospital. I put it away in a drawer where it still lies, but I’ve been writing fiction ever since.”

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Aiden and Bee to Return: Sequel to Deadly Kisses Coming in 2014

SALT LAKE CITY, UT July 24, 2013

Kerri CuevasIn March of this year, WiDo released Deadly Kisses, a paranormal romance with a twist and the debut novel of New Hampshire author, Kerri Cuevas. The main character, Aiden Grant, is a grim reaper assigned to reap the soul of Bee, the girl he loved from afar while alive.

Reviewers loved Deadly Kisses: “… refreshing, full of surprises, poignant, and at times laugh-out-loud funny. Kerri Cuevas has created strong and fascinating characters, and her narrative style is captivating. This book has the right balance of love story and action, making it a killer combination.” (Cynthia Shepp Book Reviews) And from Pretty Deadly Reviews: “. . .mythology and world-building, and the plot was fast-paced and engaging. Definitely a recommended read for lovers of clean urban fantasy.”

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More Arizona Guy: A New Ted White Mystery to be Released

SALT LAKE CITY, UT June 21, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARaymond Spitzer’s brother, Ron, had Arizona Guy on his desk at school where a special ed student with limited reading ability saw the book. When he learned it was written by his teacher’s brother, he borrowed it, and by himself, laboriously, managed to read the entire book.  He reported his progress to his teacher almost daily.  Ron had the author sign a personalized copy of Arizona Guy to give to the student.  It was the first book of that size the young man had ever read.

And now WiDo Publishing™ is pleased to announce that the second book in the series is under contract. “We hope there are many more Ted White mysteries,” states WiDo’s submissions editor Allie Maldonado. “Ray Spitzer captures the small town feel of Ajo, Arizona so perfectly that basically the entire town bought or borrowed a copy of his first book Arizona Guy. It was wonderful to witness such amazing support of a local author by his community.”

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Teacher Becomes Student and Lands Publishing Contract

SALT LAKE CITY, UT June 14, 2013

IMG_0066John Irby, as the journalism teacher and school newspaper advisor at a junior high school, spent years guiding young writers. As a Language Arts teacher, he encouraged his students to read and write their hearts out.

Now, all these years later, he continues to give himself the same advice. His novel about a red-tailed hawk named Orville caught the eye of WiDo’s acquisition editor, Allie Maldonado, who twice encouraged Irby to rewrite and resubmit it for further consideration.

“Although there were some problems originally with point of view and narrative consistency, the story was solid and the writing itself was wonderful. It is a charming story told well,” Maldonado says. “I found the manuscript refreshingly original and really wanted John to nail it. Thankfully he did, showing his professionalism and skill as a writer, and we were happy to offer him a contract.”

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WiDo Publishing™ Signs Marcy Hatch for Debut Novel

SALT LAKE CITY, UT June 3, 2013

May  010ALike many writers, Marcy Hatch started telling stories as a kid: “My little sister and I shared a room and at night I’d offer her three titles from which to choose then I’d make up a story on the spot, using the chosen title. Later this progressed to written stories, then typed, and finally – many moons later – an actual manuscript.”

A high school English teacher named Mr. Bouchard inspired Hatch to keep on writing. “I never forgot his words,” she states. And she never stopped writing. Her first published novel is scheduled for 2014 release by WiDo Publishing.

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New Clarissa Draper Mystery Under Contract

SALT LAKE CITY, UT May 23, 2013

DSC_0403Canadian mystery writer Clarissa Draper published her first book in the Evans/Blackwell series with WiDo as The Sholes Key.  Since its publication in May of 2012,  the British detective mystery has sold well, with fans wondering when they can expect more of the team introduced in The Sholes Key: MI5 analyst Sophia Evans and Detective Inspector Theopholis Blackwell.

WiDo is proud to announce that the second in the series is now under contract, expected release in Fall, 2014.

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“Like a Mad Max remake for Mormons” WiDo to Publish a Last Days LDS Novel

SALT LAKE CITY, UT May 16, 2013

SteveAlthough WiDo Publishing™ is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, the headquarters for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, it publishes very little of what is known as LDS or Mormon-based fiction. “Not because we don’t want to,” states acquisitions editor Allie Maldonado, “but with several excellent publishers of LDS fiction, we just don’t get a lot of submissions in that category which work for us.”

However, when Steven Anderson’s sample chapters popped up on Allie’s computer, she could not stop reading. “It’s like a Mad Max movie re-make for Mormons. The premise is fascinating– the final days on earth before the coming of Christ–and the action is non-stop.”

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Artist turned Novelist writes WiDo’s™ Newest Acquisition

dean 1SALT LAKE CITY, UT April 19, 2013

When submissions editor Allie Maldonado read the query letter from writer Dean Poppe, she figured it would be a fast and simple rejection: “I am 65 years old and this is my first novel. I have been interested in writing all my life and I look forward to continuing my passion now that I have retired.”

No previous publishing experience. Writing a novel in retirement. 125,000 words. Passion is golf. It didn’t look promising. Until she began the sample chapters.

David Stedman is following the LPGA Tour from tournament to tournament selecting his victims; mutilating and altering them until they represent a particular hole on the golf course.  He is plagued by his past, tormented by dreams and memories. He is being pursued by FBI Agent Lou Schein as the tour moves across the country, the killer continuing to elude the authorities. David Stedman becomes bolder and more psychologically disturbed as this mystery thriller, and the LPGA Tour progresses, leading to its chilling conclusion.

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WiDo Publishing™ Signs David Kalish for Debut Novel

SALT LAKE CITY, UT April 15, 2013

WiDo PublishingIMG_4767™ is pleased to announce the acquisition of a darkly humorous novel by David Kalish, a former editor and reporter for The Associated Press.

According to WiDo’s Allie Maldonado, “I was blown away by David’s sample pages. And the characters were amazingly real. As I kept reading, it just got better. This makes my job so fun. To discover a book like this by such a talented writer, and to help him realize his dream of publishing it is what it’s all about.”

In this quirky romantic comedy, an ailing angst-ridden journalist finds love in a fiery Colombian doctor who helps him to beat his fear of life — before his illness beats him. Main character Daniel Plotnick, a 30-something writer for The Associated Press, has it all: stable marriage. Decent job. A tony Brooklyn apartment. But when he learns he has incurable cancer, his fortunes fall faster than you can say “Ten Plagues of Egypt.”

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WiDo Publishing™ Acquires Debut Novel by Award-winning Author Angela Jackson-Brown

SALT LAKE CITY, UT April 1, 2013

photo(3)1978. The year I turned ten and the year my mama killed herself. She was thirty-five, and dying is the last thing that should have been on her mind.

These are the words that begin the novel by Angela Jackson-Brown, a story about Sylvia Butler–a feisty, determined, young girl who, in spite of the grown-up situations she must deal with, still maintains a sense of innocence and hopefulness. Young Sylvia shows readers that although there may not be a happily ever after, there can be happy right now.

“Angela has an amazing voice and the words jump right off the page into your heart,” says WiDo’s submission editor, Allie Maldonado. “I wasn’t far into her manuscript when I knew it was exactly the type of book we love to publish– literary, with a story you can’t put down and characters who seem so real they could be living next door.”

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