Cerulean Isle by G.M Browning


Genre: Fantasy Adventure
Print Price: $15.95
Page count: 286
Dimensions: 5.25″x8″
ISBN: 978-1-937178-09-3

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Something dangerous lies just beneath the waves.

Kidnapped as a boy by Captain Jean L’Ollon and taken to the pirate ship Obsidian, young Jacob dreams of freedom, and of one day discovering the fabled island of the Mer people. Upon seeing a beautiful tapestry depicting a mermaiden with long, rainbow-hued hair and translucent tail, she seems to beckon him with the promise of safety and peace.

Jacob, with friend and fellow shipmate Grant, at last manages to escape the Obsidian and find refuge in an island seaport town. The two also find their fortune, yet happiness eludes Jacob as he grows to manhood. Stories about Cerulean Isle, land of the Mer, continue to haunt him. One day a stranger approaches, a pirate who knew Captain Jean L’Ollon, warning the young men of danger to come. Jacob and Grant once more go to sea, fleeing from those who seek their lives and fortune.

It is on this voyage where Jacob finally learns the truth behind legendary Cerulean Isle.

. . .a wonderful story with colorful characters skillfully brought to life.” ~Bob Steele, author, Spin and Conflicts of Interest

“. . .vivid and compelling, rich in atmosphere and enigma. The overlap of historical fiction and fantasy is extremely effective.” ~Ivan Phillips, author, Johnny Face-Ache

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