Cloak by James Gough


Genre: YA Fantasy
Hard cover: $25.95
ISBN: 978-1-937178-00-0

Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-937178-11-6

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Thirteen-year-old bubble boy Will Tuttle lives a boring, friendless life trapped in a Bronxsville mansion, suffering from mysterious allergies no doctor can explain. Fed up with his pointless existence he breaks free of the sterile bubble to explore New York City, not expecting to return alive. Instead, Will discovers that his myriad allergies have a single, bizarre source.

Suddenly Will is a target. When he’s chased through Central Park by a cloaked assailant, a misfit team of bodyguards shows up to keep Will Tuttle alive. . . . And teach him how to blend into a society that isn’t supposed to exist.

“. . .fun and intriguing and high on the can’t-put-down quotient.” ~ A Traveler’s Library

“. . . a mix of fairy tales and science fiction and fantasy and espionage . . . .” ~John Booth, author, Collect All 21! Memoirs of a Star Wars Geek

“Gough’s dialogue is smart and fast.” ~James Floyd Kelly,