Deadly Darkness by Kerri Cuevas

DeadlyDarkness_CVR_MED Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Print Price: $15.95
Page count: 274
Dimensions: 5″x 8″
ISBN: 978-1-937178-52-9
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Bee and Aiden are setting up housekeeping in the afterlife and would have a pretty decent Grim Reaper existence, if it weren’t for Ivar, Aiden’s new boss. Ivar’s plan is to make Bee go into the Slumber of Death, and stop her from using her healing powers on anyone but him. But Aiden can’t live without Bee—his soul mate and the only one who can keep the darkness growing inside him at bay.

Ivar is making Bee heal him on a regular basis, thus quickly depleting her energy. She is on the brink of an everlasting sleep and Aiden is becoming unpredictable.

Resistance to the evil forces is spreading throughout Grim City, but can Aiden recruit enough Reapers to hold back Ivar and his army? Allies are coming from unlikely places, and Aiden must prevail before the darkness overtakes him, turning him into the one thing he fears the most—an evil Grim Reaper.