E. L. Marker

E. L. Marker™ is WiDo Publishing’s new imprint: a hybrid, partnership publishing company established to meet the changing needs of the book publishing climate.

Many writers are seeking a blend between traditional and self-publishing. They want an option that offers the higher royalties and greater control available with self- publishing, yet with the safety and security provided by working with an established, traditional publisher. E. L. Marker will meet that need.

WiDo Publishing™ has been in business for ten years as a traditional press, and will continue as such, while offering its established system to those writers who qualify to be published under the E. L. Marker imprint.

E. L. Marker authors will receive the same high quality of editing, interior design and cover art as WiDo authors have been receiving for the past decade. In addition, E. L. Marker books will be distributed through Ingram to bookstores, with authors receiving marketing support for the first 90 days of their book launch.

E. L. Marker is designed for those who want to avoid the costs and pitfalls of self-publishing and vanity presses while enjoying the financial benefits of higher royalties on both print and e-books.

Whether submitting to WiDo or E. L. Marker, we expect the same high level quality of work before offering a contract. If your manuscript shows promise, we’ll request a promotion plan that plays to your strengths. Our marketing team will carry out the same marketing efforts for both WiDo and E. L. Marker authors in addition to assisting you with your plan.

If you wish to submit to either WiDo or its imprint, E. L. Marker, see our submission guidelines.