E. L. Marker™

E.L. Marker™, WiDo Publishing’s new imprint, is a hybrid model established to meet the needs of authors in a changing publishing climate. Now, more than ever, writers are seeking a blend between self-publishing and traditional publishing. They want an option that offers the higher royalties and greater control associated with self- publishing, while enjoying the prestige and quality provided by a traditional publisher.

E.L. Marker meets that need.

With E.L. Marker, as with self-publishing, you the author are the investor. And as such, you retain control of the publication and post-publication process. You retain the audio, film, and foreign language rights to your work and, if desired, can request the print and ebook rights reverted back after two years or less. You will reap higher royalties with the sale of each book and also remain free to publish sequels elsewhere.

E.L. Marker provides the benefits of a traditional publisher, using the same professional staff used by WiDo for the production and design of its books. There is a selective submissions process, where not all manuscripts are accepted. (Sorry!)

As with WiDo, E.L. Marker authors get paired with a professional editor who gives their manuscript the time and attention required to make the story shine. This ensures the same professionalism and high quality product our WiDo authors have enjoyed for a decade.

E.L. Marker uses WiDo’s distribution channels and marketing, making your book available to bookstores across the globe, in online and brick & mortar stores.

For those who want to avoid the varying costs and unpredictability of self-publishing or of vanity presses, E.L. Marker provides one complete package at one economical price.

Get a traditionally published book with the self-publishing benefits. E.L. Marker backs its products with the respected WiDo Publishing name. Take control of your book’s destiny. E.L. Marker provides the services you need to publish a fine product, ready for distribution wherever books are sold.

In the emerging conditions of the publishing world, there are many options. You no longer have to decide between going alone or going along. E.L. Marker can get you where you want to be, with a professionally published book in your hands and a confident heart to guide you along your career path.

One package. One price^.

Our package includes:

  • Global distribution
  • Content editing for flow and story
  • Copy editing
  • Final proofread
  • Typesetting and Printing
  • Professional cover design
  • An author page on our website
  • Your book for sale on our website
  • 75% royalties for print book sales
  • 80% royalties for ebook sales
  • 60% discount when purchasing copies of your books
  • Your book included in our website and other promotions
  • A personalized press release for you and your book
  • Professional quality book sheet
  • 10 free print copies after publication
  • Marketing support for the first 90 days after release and beyond
  • Get your print and ebook rights back after two years or less (upon request)
  • Retain film, audiobook, and foreign language rights

All this and more (personal, professional guidance throughout the entire publishing process) for one low price of $3750^.

^For publications between 50,000-150,000 words