Eric Trant Signs With WiDo™ for Dystopian Novel

SALT LAKE CITY, UT November 19, 2013

Trant_Author_PicEric Trant has done it again– written a book that WiDo’s submission editor, Allie Maldonado, absolutely cannot stop reading. This one is a dystopian work about a family trapped in the Arkansas mountains during the onset of society’s fall to a ravaging virus.

“I just love Eric’s style of writing,” says Maldonado.  “You can forget everything as he takes you on a journey into somebody else’s world, whether that’s a world of dysfunction, as in Wink, or this one where a group of people fight for their lives against unimaginable hardships.”

Although busy as a family man and small business owner, Eric Trant writes consistently. “I am forced to carve out time wherever I can find it and not be picky about that time. I have a rough idea of where I am going, but do not develop formal plots, nor do I insist my characters follow the story as I originally envisioned it. Life is full of sharp turns and surprises, all if it unplotted, and keeps you guessing what tomorrow will bring. I capture this mystery in my stories as I write them. You should expect as much unexpected action as you would from real-life.”

And according to reviews from his last book, Wink (WiDo Publishing, 2013), Trant definitely knows how to give readers the unexpected.

One reviewer had this to say: “Like a Stephen King novel, Eric Trant displays his characters going about their normal lives. . . .But the pace which all the abnormalities are introduced had me ensconced in Marty’s world and accepting his life with a curious clicking of my tongue; like watching gossip as it unfolds from behind the safety of my social prejudices and a good set of blinds.” –A Writer’s Life in Progress

Eric Trant is enthusiastic about his experience working with WiDo Publishing: “WiDo is one of the good ones out there. They are fair with their contracts, reasonable with their schedules and goals, and reliable with their royalty payments. The editors are experienced, professional, timely, and enthusiastic. The publishing staff is responsive and helpful. The marketing agents are supportive and creative and they carry their share of the workload. I was blessed to have found WiDo, and I believe I will look back one day and say they were a critical stepping-stone in my career as an author.”

Eric Trant is the author of the thrilling novels Wink (WiDo 2013) and Out of the Great Black Nothing (Open Heart 2010), as well as several short stories. He lives in Dallas with his wife and children. You can visit Eric at, or follow him on Facebook at

Besides writing, Eric has another passion: “Be an organ donor. If you are unsure, check your driver’s license. Every state has a registry. Find it and sign it. We lost our son at eighteen months (May of 2012), but his heart beats on in a little girl who as of this writing is just over eighteen months herself, and his kidneys are in a grandmother from New Orleans who pees quite a lot more than she used to. It is a magical and wondrous gift to give life. Be a hero. Be an organ donor. For more information, or if you have lost children of your own, my wife’s website is, or you can follow her on FB at”