Farm Girl Country Cooking: Hearty Meals for the Active Family by Karen Jones Gowen


 Cover-final Genre: Cookbook
Print Price: $13.95
Page count: 84
Dimensions: 8″ x 10″
ISBN: 978-1-937178-37-6

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Although preparing regular family meals can be difficult, it is worth every effort. Dinner provides an opportunity to gather and refresh while spending time together around the table enjoying a meal.

Karen Jones Gowen has collected and tested the book’s 100 recipes of main dishes, sides and desserts from years of experience cooking for a large family. Whether you’re feeding a family on a budget or need ideas on menu planning, this cookbook is the perfect companion for the busy, working cook.

Hearty home-cooking using basic ingredients, plenty of fresh vegetables (and don’t forget the bacon) you will return to these recipes again and again when planning dinners for your family or entertaining for company.