Local Author Natalie Johanson Finds Magic with WiDo™ Family of Publishers

SALT LAKE CITY, UT September 29, 2017

What magic power could be more appealing to a law enforcement officer than the ability to travel through shadows and bring foes to their deserved end with wolves that appear out of mists? Clearly such magic was pretty exciting to Officer Natalie Johanson, and it became the premise of the fantasy novel she penned.

From a very young age, Natalie had a passion for reading and writing. “Books have always been a thing I love. The escape into a new world. The adventure they bring. The people I can meet,” Johanson explained. “When I read, I have no self- control and tend to binge read. If I’m into a book I’ll read it straight through if time permits.”

Her writing aspirations began in the 6th grade when she finished the Green Rider series and wanted to improve the ending. She held onto her 6th grade ideals and years later, when she had a dream about wolves made of mist, she felt inspired to begin writing a novel.

In order to hone her writing skills, Johanson got a position at her high school’s award-winning literary magazine “Euphony.” She went on to study creative writing at Westminster College. After years of crafting the tale, the manuscript was finally finished and ready for a publisher.

“I found myself looking a WiDo™ because they’re local and family-owned and because, like me, they focus on the story,” Johanson said.

Managing editor Karen Gowen was enthusiastic about the manuscript. “This is a fast-paced story that sucks you in,” Gowen said. “The main character, Rose, as well as the side characters are fascinating. Natalie builds on their development as the plot unfolds. She utilizes great instincts in knowing what makes a good story.”

When she’s not reading, writing, or chasing her ferret around the house, Johanson likes running races or camping. Her favorite camping is in the beautiful mountains around Oakley (Utah’s best kept secret). She also enjoys listening to records and drinking tea while playing board games.

Johanson was born and raised in Utah. She went to Westminster College where she majored in English with a creative writing emphasis. After a year and a half, she realized the writing jobs waiting for her after graduation were slim. She switched to Salt Lake Community College, where she studied Criminal Justice and Corrections in order to pursue a career as a police officer. Visit her website at nataliejohanson.com or her Facebook author page at https://www.facebook.com/shadowsvoice/