Motherhood Inspires Writer to Follow Her Dreams, Lands a Contract with WiDo Publishing™

SALT LAKE CITY, UT August 14, 2013

twitterpic2Back in April of this year, Elizabeth Maria Naranjo read a blog post on WOW! Women on Writing about a debut author named Jadie Jones. Her book, Moonlit, sounded intriguing, and Naranjo was impressed with the way she praised her publisher.

Naranjo states, “Jadie’s descriptions of the editing and publishing process didn’t sound like anything I’d heard before. Enthusiasm, patience, collaboration? I’d been submitting to agents, hoping to eventually publish with one of the Big Six, but suddenly, that didn’t sound so tempting. I scribbled two names: Moonlit and WiDo Publishing. Later, I bought the Kindle version of Moonlit, stayed up until 2 a.m. reading it, and in May I submitted my query to Allie Maldonado.”

When Allie Maldonado, WiDo’s™ submission editor, started in on Naranjo’s manuscript, she couldn’t stop until finished: “It was amazing throughout the entire story. I read it from start to finish without a break, changed my workout to accommodate reading and risked my Kindle by taking it in the dry sauna.”

Fortunately Maldonado’s Kindle survived and Elizabeth Naranjo accepted a contract to publish her debut novel with WiDo. Naranjo says, “I feel absolutely blessed to join the WiDo family.”

As a child, Elizabeth Naranjo wrote mostly diary entries, and as a young girl switched to “depressing song lyrics and ambiguous poetry (my older brother introduced me early to heavy metal).” Naranjo’s writing really took off when she became a mother: “Motherhood is my wellspring of inspiration; it energizes me. I want my children to always follow their dreams, so I put a lot of effort into mine.”

“Elizabeth is an exceptionally talented writer,” states Allie Maldonado. “We are very glad she submitted her work to WiDo. Thanks, Jadie Jones and Moonlit!”

Elizabeth Maria Naranjo grew up writing short stories and bad poetry before escaping the cold winters of Wyoming and settling in the Sonoran Desert. She lives in Tempe, Arizona with her husband and two children, Abigail (11) and Gabriel (6). She still loves to write, but fortunately gave up on poetry. Learn more about the author at her website