N. Tolman Rudolph Lands Contract With WiDo Publishing™

IMG_2893-EditSALT LAKE CITY UT December 3, 2015

N. Tolman Rudolph (Norma) had submitted and resubmitted her science fiction novel to agents and publishers large and small. With each rejection, she’d go back and revise until it had been rewritten more times than she can count.

When WiDo Publishing’s submission editor, Allie Maldonado, received it, the quality of Rudolph’s writing and the enchantment of her story shone through. “It’s a wonderful blend of science fiction and romance with spiritual elements that will touch hearts. I absolutely loved this book, couldn’t put it down once I started.”

The author approached WiDo™ because “they promote the type of good clean books I like to write. Plus, they seemed willing to try things that did not exactly fit into the standard genre niches. I had had several other publishers show interest, but when it came to publication they did not feel they could get behind it because of the genre. Plus the religious references make it even harder to place.”

Rudolph had tough times in her quest to find a home for this first in her trilogy. One publisher offered a contract then backed out. Another one kept it for two years before saying it didn’t fit their line. A small press she signed with for an earlier novel went out of business just months after taking her on. Still, with high hopes and really not wanting to self-publish, Rudolph kept submitting.  “I think I finished the first version of it some time in 2004, but it’s changed and grown so much since then it’s hardly the same book.”

“Every time it didn’t work out I kept thinking it must not be good enough so I’d rewrite again, rearranging and adding to the story until it became three books instead of one, the first two coming out of that original book. I suppose it was a good thing in the end as I’m sure my writing improved immensely during the process,” Rudolph says. “I hope my experience with WiDo turns out long lasting and mutually beneficial. Thanks for giving me a chance, Allie!”

“WiDo specializes in exactly this kind of original work,” Maldonado says. “A story that can be difficult to classify, with a touch of something extra, maybe you could call it a spark of defiance, where the writer goes after what stirs her rather than what everyone else is doing. Norma wrote the type of book she likes to read, and this enthusiasm carries through to the reader.”

N. Tolman Rudolph survived childhood in the wilds of Wyoming where the best entertainment for a kid with few close neighbors was to daydream. However, reality called. College, mission, marriage to a sculptor, and the birth of three beautiful daughters, were a few of the major events that pulled her out of her head and into the real world. Real life was good, but those stories in her head kept calling and so she started putting them on paper. That’s when life became even better . . . Read more about Rudolph’s writing and publishing journey on her blog Norma’s Novels.

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