N. Tolman Rudolph Sequel Under Contract

SALT LAKE CITY UT June 22, 2016

IMG_2893-EditWhen WiDo Publishing’s submissions editor, Allie Maldonado, read the manuscript from Norma Rudolph, pen name N. Tolman Rudolph, she found it just as fresh and intriguing as the first one, now in editing with WiDo.

“This seamlessly connects with the first in the series without being repetitive,” states Maldonado. “It’s often difficult to write a good sequel but Norma pulls it off with great skill.”

About Rudolph’s writing routine, she states: “I’m not sure I would call it a routine as I tend to work in spurts, then not at all for a time.”

The author also loves to read, and reads a lot. Her favorite is “whatever tends to be the one that is sucking me in at the time.” A few of her all time favorites that never get old are – – -“any book by Mary Stewart, the Chronicles of Narnia by C S Lewis, most books by Barbara Micheals/Elizabeth Peters (though the Egyptian archaeology mystery series goes on a bit too long).” She also enjoys YA fantasy by authors like Brandon Mull.

Rudolph currently has a YA novel on Amazon, The Gift of Lies. The sequel, The Debt of Truth, is ready to publish as soon as she gets the edits finished on it. She’s also deep into edits for the first of her trilogy with WiDo, and with the signing of the contract on her second, she won’t see the end of editing for awhile.

“This book stands alone,” Maldonado says, “but I’m still looking forward to the third in the trilogy, to see where the story goes.”

N. Tolman Rudolph survived childhood in the wilds of Wyoming where the best entertainment for a kid with few close neighbors was to daydream. However, reality called. College, mission, marriage to a sculptor, and the birth of three beautiful daughters, were a few of the major events that pulled her out of her head and into the real world. Real life was good, but those stories in her head kept calling and so she started putting them on paper. That’s when life became even better . . . Read more about Rudolph’s writing and publishing journey on her blog Norma’s Novels.

To buy N. Tolman Rudolph’s first book in the series, Planet of the Red Dust, visit here: http://widopublishing.com/planet-of-the-red-dust-by-n-tolman-rudolph/