Paul Anthony Shortt’s Urban Fantasy Sequel Planned for 2013 Release

SALT LAKE CITY, UT December 18, 2012

ME4Author Paul Anthony Shortt of Dublin, Ireland has signed a contract for the sequel to his debut novel, Locked Within, which was just released in November by WiDo Publishing™. The second in the series, title yet to be determined, is scheduled for 2013 release.

Shortt plans for his urban fantasy tale about unlikely hero, Nathan Shepherd, to be a trilogy.  “Before I even started writing my first book I knew I wanted it to be a series; something epic in scope, like all my favourite stories. This book follows directly from the events in Locked Within, showing how Nathan’s actions have shaken things up in New York, and deals with the consequences not only of his defying the Council, but also of actions he has taken in past lives that he has not yet remembered. The mid-point of a trilogy is often the darkest, and in this, Nathan must confront his darker side to see if he still deserves to be called a hero.”

According to WiDo submissions editor, Allie Maldonado, “I’ve enjoyed working with Paul and seeing his vision for Nathan’s story materialize. Paul Shortt is an extremely dedicated writer, willing to work hard and refine his talents. WiDo is lucky to have found him!”

Shortt has had a busy year, with the release of his first novel and the birth of twin girls, capped off with the signing of a contract on his second novel. He states, “I have loved my experience with WiDo while working on and promoting Locked Within, and there was no-one else I wanted to publish the sequel.”