Recent Awards for WiDo Books

SALT LAKE CITY UT May 25, 2016

The following books published recently by WiDo™ have received awards. Congratulations to these talented authors for their achievements! We are so very proud of your work.

Carol Pratt BradleyCarol Pratt Bradley, LIGHT OF THE CANDLE

Whitney Awards finalist in Best Novel by a New Author and finalist in Historical Fiction, 2015

“Alternating between Daniel’s and Sarai’s story, Bradley’s fiction is significant in its research and depth. She moves through this ancient world with ease and assurance, incorporating biblical, historical, and imaginary characters into her narrative, along with an authenticity of language and custom.” –The Historical Novel Society

“Author Carol Pratt Bradley has put a romantic twist on the story of a well-known Old Testament hero. Light of the Candle is thoroughly researched, and readers can learn a lot about ancient Israel and Jewish customs.” –Elizabeth Reid, for the Deseret News


140108-084116Paul H. Yarbrough, A MISSISSIPPI WHISPER

Bronze Award for Regional, 2015 Independent Publisher

“The book revels in 1950s nostalgia….Readers who don’t demand an exciting plot point in every single chapter and those nostalgic for their 1950s childhood will enjoy the trip back in time.” –B.J. Sedgwick, The Historical Novel Society

“First time novelist, Paul H. Yarbrough, masterfully transports readers deep into the world of Mississippi Cotton, where life is not as simple as it seems.” –Julie Cantrell, editor, Southern Literary Review


DavidAuthor 043David Kalish, THE OPPOSITE OF EVERYTHING

First place winner in Literary Fiction of the 2013 Somerset Awards for Literary & Mainstream Fiction

Finalist in the Humor/Comedy category of the 2014 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

“If you enjoy dark comedy and humor about everyday life, as well as witty banter and offbeat characters, then you will love Kalish’s debut novel.”–Margo L. Dill, The News-Gazette

The Opposite of Everything is an evocative tale of pre-hipster Brooklyn in which Mr. Kalish injects his pitch-perfect humor into some of the most challenging quandaries a career-focused New Yorker can face. His oddball characters mix in a clash of cultures between native New Yorkers and the immigrants who infuse the city, and the book’s central character, with new life.” –Gerry Mullany, deputy editor, The New York Times