Rescue from the Dust by N. Tolman Rudolph

Genre: Fiction
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Page count: 275
Dimensions: 5.5″ x 8.5″
ISBN: 978-1-947966-01-7
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Nathan Adams has made it his life goal to be on the ship that rescues his brother Jared. They find Jared alive and well, along with the Sionian people. However, war breaks out on Earth, the mission is aborted, and the Planetary Dream must return home. Jared insists on staying until the people are saved, and Nathan refuses to leave without his brother.

Not knowing how many years it will be before help will return, Nathan is forced to become a part of the Sionian culture, including marriage to a native girl.

Neri Sarbena’s gift of portent tells her this Nathan is important to her. But, how can that be when he thinks she is stupid, and he has already chosen another? This is her last summer to choose and, just as with her native planet, time is running out.

The chance of rescue dwindles. Jared and Nathan must help the people of Sionon and, on their own, find a way for everyone to escape from the planet’s dusty demise.