Screenwriter Scott Keen Signs with WiDo™ for YA Fantasy Debut Novel

SALT LAKE CITY, UT June 23, 2014

DSCN0553-2In college, Scott Keen took his first screenwriting class, and discovered his love for writing stories. Being practical,  he then went on to law school, only to discover during the first semester that it was not for him. Instead, he entered into a Script & Screenwriting program. Over the years, Keen has written several plays (three have been produced) and screenplays (one of which was a finalist in an international screenplay competition). He also teaches composition classes at the local community college.

His fantasy novel, about a boy named Crick who spends his days in the dark city of Ungstah, scrounging for food and supplies for his cruel master, caught the attention of WiDo Publishing™ submissions editor Allie Maldonado.  “Scott’s book has a Middle Earth feel to it, but obviously not a copycat. It’s a very cool story with an interesting setting, and just a hint of the supernatural. It is set in a world that slowly reveals itself as the book unfolds.”

Keen started his book in 2007, inspired by Walter Wangerin Jr.’s The Book of the Dun Cow.  “When I realized I could take the story anywhere without worrying about whether or not it could be produced on stage or screen,” Keen says, “I discovered my true love. Up until then, I had only written screenplays or stage plays.”

He submitted his novel to WiDo Publishing because “it was evident in all that I read about them that they feel the same way I do about books,” Keen states. “At the heart of it, I like a good story that’s told truthfully and honestly. I like characters who inspire me to be better, more noble.  And as a company, they seemed to care about their authors, and invest time into them.”

Maldonado has this to say about Keen’s work: “Scott has written a very promising YA fantasy novel, with interesting characters, an unusual world situation, and intrigue. We’re very happy he chose WiDo to publish his debut novel.”

Scott Keen lives in northern New York,  and is a stay-at-home, homeschooling dad to his and his wife Liz’s four girls. He has an MFA in Script & Screenwriting and, when not with his family, spends most of his extra time writing/editing his books, blogging (, and occasionally directing a local play.