Seduction of the Scepter by E. Rose Sabin

Genre: Historical Fantasy
Print Price: $16.95
Page count: 356
Dimensions: 5″x8″
ISBN: 978-1-937178-23-9

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At her sister’s wedding feast, young Lara Basmajinik shares a single dance with handsome Prince Kaz. Beautiful, intelligent and born into a prominent ruling family, Lara seems the perfect match for this prince and future king. But when Kaz is accused of murder and imprisoned for life, Lara marries Jaederion, his feeble-minded younger brother.Now Lara reigns as queen, and she must at last decide where her loyalties lie: with the only man she has ever loved, with the political needs of the nation, or with her own increasing thirst for power.

“A beautifully written story of love and loss, duty and sacrifice, the devolution of innocence and the seduction of power. . . .” –Chris A. Jackson, award-winning author of the Scimitar Seas novels

Seduction of the Scepter might well start off as charming–but only until it slyly grabs you by the throat, never to let go. . . . a gripping story of subtlety and grace, written with a deft hand.” –Doranna Durgin, author, Dun Lady’s Jess/The Changespell Saga