Step 1: We love reading your great stories!

The WiDo family of publishers is accepting promising, well written manuscripts that meet our standards. For us to consider your work, please send us an email that meets the following criteria: In the body of the email, let us know if you are submitting to WiDo or it’s hybrid imprint, E.L. Marker. Tell us about yourself and your manuscript (this would be a great place to give us a synopsis). Provide contact information, including address and phone number. Attach the first three chapters to the email in an .rtf or .pdf format. Send your email to

For submissions to WiDo Publishing, bear in mind that at this time our brand is mostly oriented toward women’s fiction, light romance, mystery/suspense, essay collections and imaginative, outstanding memoirs. It is our expectation that submissions to WiDo are polished manuscripts with a stellar marketing plan. This marketing plan should be built on a message people relate to (platform). In fact, in addition to the email contents described above, tell us how you have already been connecting with people about your platform. WiDo is looking for authors with passion and action.

For submissions to E.L. Marker, we accept most genres, from middle-grade fantasy to creative non-fiction and cross-over genres too. We like a spark of originality, a pleasing voice, and a well-thought-out compelling story. We want writers who are eager to work hard to make the book wonderful and then promote it with pride.

Step 2: We’re interested

The work you submit will be carefully reviewed by one of our editors. If you have submitted to WiDo Publishing, but your manuscript is better suited for E. L. Marker, you will be considered for that option. If we like the sample chapters, we will request the full manuscript for further consideration.  The full manuscript should be attached to your email as an .rtf file that is double spaced with 12 point Times New Roman font. Please name the document with the book title and author name.

Step 3: You’re in!

When we accept your work for publication, you will be offered a contract. On receipt of the signed contract, we’ll assign an editor to work with you throughout the often rigorous editing process. Our books are thoroughly edited to meet the high standard we set for our publications.

If you have a completed manuscript that fits our criteria, we would love to hear from you!


Now offering, in honor of WiDo’s tenth anniversary, a personal and family history publishing option.


E.L. Marker is currently open to helping you with your family history or personal history stories. Many people like to put together books about their family members for special occasions. WiDo’s first book, Farm Girl by Karen Jones Gowen (WiDo Publishing, 2007), was such a project. The author wanted to do a special book on her mother’s childhood for her mother’s 90th birthday. It turned into a very marketable book, although originally conceived as a simple family history project.

If you have this type of project you need help with editing, typesetting and everything connected with producing a memorable book for your family, please consider E.L. Marker as your publishing partner. Submit your request to, with “Family History book” in the subject line and your file (no photos–those will come later) attached as a Word doc.