“Submitting to a Small Press” / Julie Musil Interviews WiDo’s Managing Editor

IMG_4672Have you ever considered submitting to a small publisher? Were you confused about their place in the industry, or what they bring to the table? Author Julie Musil interviewed Karen Jones Gowen, Managing Editor at WiDo Publishing,  for her  blog to shed some light on small publishers and bust some common myths.  The post has been reprinted here with Julie’s permission.

Julie Musil: What are some common misconceptions about small publishers? Can you do a little “myth busting” for us?
Karen Gowen:

“A small press can’t do anything for me I can’t do as well or better for myself.” A common misconception, that doesn’t take into consideration the cost of time and money it requires to do it all yourself rather than sharing the load with professionals who are willing to invest in your work.

“Small publishers can’t get my book in a bookstore.” If a small publisher has the right distribution channels then your book can certainly be in a bookstore. However, remember that ultimately the bookstore chooses what it puts on its shelves and with millions of books to choose from, they need to have a reason to stock yours. This is why we encourage our authors to promote themselves and their books the first 90 days of their launch, in partnership with their local bookstores.

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