This Sick Little Heart of Mine: A Memoir of Love Gone Wrong by Erin Passons


Genre: Memoir
Print Price: $16.95
Page count: 307
Dimensions: 6″x 9″
ISBN: 978-1-937178-66-6

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Marcus falls in love with Erin twice. The first time, he doesn’t know she is married. The second time, he doesn’t know it is her. In her memoir, Erin Passons recounts this fascinating true story of love and fixation.

It is November 2008 when Erin first meets Marcus at an Austin, Texas concert venue. He thinks he has met the perfect girl. She thinks he’s the one to have an affair with, a side dish of happiness to offset the toxicity of her marriage. After three months of bliss, Marcus goes missing without a word, leaving Erin with a broken heart and an obsession only he can heal.

Erin creates a fake Facebook account to stalk her lost love. When Marcus finally accepts “Sienna’s” friend request on Facebook, the next chapter of their bizarre relationship begins.

As Sienna, Erin learns what happened the day Marcus ditched her. But as the truth of his disappearance begins to surface, so does Erin’s real identity. When Marcus becomes obsessed with meeting Sienna, stopping at nothing to meet his “dream girl,” Erin becomes the one who is stalked.

Before it’s over, predator becomes prey—for nothing will stop a sick heart trying to break free from its pain.