Uncut Diamonds by Karen Jones Gowen

Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Print Price: $8.95
Page count: 375
Dimensions: 5.5″x8.25″
ISBN: 978-0-9796070-1-1

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Steel Magnolias with Mormon characters, Uncut Diamonds celebrates family– the ordinary, the outrageous, the comical and the tragic.

A young Mormon couple seeks balance during the over-the-top decade of the seventies. Gold medallions, disco dancing, Star Wars and Saturday Night Fever are all the rage. Jimmy Carter is President during a frightening recession, with fuel bills higher than house payments.

In the heartland of America, Marcie and Shawn McGill struggle to save their home, family and marriage. During these uncertain times, they come to learn what matters most.

“Gowen has an amazing talent for rich and meaningful prose. The moment you open the first page you are captivated by her writing style. Through her narrator she gets into a conversation with you and it feels as though her characters are letting you in on their deepest thoughts and feelings.” ~Fabulosity Reads