USA Today Bestselling Author, Daryl Anderson, Selects E.L. Marker™ for Her Third Novel

SALT LAKE CITY UT March 20, 2017

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From teacher to registered nurse to mystery writer, Daryl Anderson has transitioned from improving lives to saving lives to ending them – but fear not. She will see that justice is done.

After penning USA today bestseller, Murder in Mystic Cove, and Death at China Rose, Anderson faced a mystery of her own: who would publish her third book? “When searching for a publisher, I’d heard a lot of positive comments about WiDo’s editors, and I was also impressed by the support you provide your authors. A successful book is a collaboration, not a solo act.” This made WiDo a likely suspect.

When E.L. Marker’s submissions editor, Joseph Jones, read through Private Investigator Addie Gorsky’s third adventure, taking place in a psychiatric treatment center, he knew he had found a gem. “Anderson’s writing is really impressive,” Jones remarked. “This is just the kind of engaging story E.L. Marker is looking for.” He forwarded Anderson’s manuscript to Karen Gowen, Managing Editor for the WiDo family of publishers, and the plot thickened.

Upon reading Anderson’s work, Gowen accepted it enthusiastically. “This detective story is fast paced with characters that are easy to visualize. She’s an excellent writer.” Anderson accepted the contract, and the publisher mystery was solved.

“I love mystery because it fires on all cylinders,” Anderson explains. “The thrill of the hunt and the moral dimension are equally compelling. Murder changes everything. There’s more than the loss of a single life. Friends and family mourn. The community is threatened by this breakdown in order. This is where the sleuth comes in. Although the dead cannot be restored, it’s the detective’s job to bring order to this chaos.”

The author continues, “To me, the interesting question is how the sleuth completes the task. Does the detective play by the rules, or does she find justice by any means necessary? Will justice become revenge? There’s a lot to the genre!”

Mrs. Anderson dreamed of writing from a young age. Though she has returned to it now, she spent years as a teacher after earning a degree in English at the University of Florida. Seeking another challenge, Anderson next worked with psych patients as a RN. This was when, at the suggestion of her husband, she finally decided to return to her early dream to be an author.

As a lifelong devotee of Christie, Poe, and Chandler, Daryl Anderson found mystery writing was a natural fit, and she never looked back. Daryl lives in Gainesville with her husband and two spoiled dogs. She spends her days—and nights—happily plotting murders in the Sunshine State. When not contemplating homicide, she enjoys gardening, vegetarian cooking, and hiking. Find out more about the author by visiting her website: or her Facebook page: