Veronica Hollis Signs with E.L. Marker™ to Publish Grief Memoir

SALT LAKE CITY UT March 17, 2017

gaulden11Few things are as difficult to endure as losing a beloved spouse. The ensuing feelings of emptiness and isolation are hard to bear and most widows and widowers don’t know where to turn. This was where Veronica Hollis found herself when she lost her husband to an accident.

As a new widow and single mother, Hollis found comfort in her faith and hope and felt strongly that she needed to reach out to others in her same situation.

“I came to write this story to help other widows and to release my own grief emotions.  Grief is exhausting and widowhood is a difficult journey,” says Hollis. “I began writing a few months after my husband passed away, as I needed a safe place to release everything, to know I would not be judged, to say what I wanted without repercussions.  I will forever proudly tell my story of love, loss, and hope.”

To bring about her cause, Veronica co-founded, an apparel and accessories company for the widowed and faith-based communities. She has also become a public speaker, writer, blogger and leader in the community. She has found great joy in sharing her hope and healing and is excited to publish her book with E.L. Marker, the new hybrid imprint of WiDo Publishing™.

When the author found the WiDo website, she knew she had to submit her manuscript. “I am a widow; I go by that title sadly and proudly all at once.  When stumbling upon this company name, and seeing that its pronunciation was exactly like my title, I was excited to submit.  I felt it serendipitous.”

Her story was well received by E.L. Marker’s submissions editor, Joseph Jones. He quickly asked for the full manuscript which Karen Gowen, the Managing Editor for both WiDo and E.L. Marker, described as: “Tragic, yet hopeful and beautifully expressed, Veronica’s account is a tender, enduring love story.”

Jones states, “This is definitely a story that needs to be shared. There are so many people that will benefit from Veronica’s example of strength and determination. We are so proud to have her as an author with E.L. Marker.”

Veronica Hollis is an avid believer in hope. She co-founded, and is an active public speaker, writer, and mother. Veronica received a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration in 2004 and has worked in public education for 16 years; currently serving as a high school principal. In addition to her memoir, Veronica has plans to publish a book about solo-parenting as a widow, as well as a children’s book for her son. Veronica lives with her son, Conner on their farm in Southern Missouri and continues her writing on her blog and website: Still His Times Forever.