Waxing Moon by H. S. Kim


Genre: Historical Fiction
Print Price: $16.95
Page count:301
Dimensions: 5.5″x8.5″
ISBN: 978-1-937178-38-3

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Waxing Moon is an epic story set in feudal 19th century Korea, in the household of wealthy landowner Mr. O. Outside, there is political unrest as Western missionaries attempt to make inroads into the country. While the servants and wives within the O household compete for a greater degree of influence, Korea moves closer to the end of a dynasty and vast changes in the way of life for the privileged.

This story of family intrigue and political tension during the Joseon Dynasty is told with humor and warmth. The characters are driven by ambition yet tempered by love. Through the lives of the O family, the pains and passion of a country in turmoil are revealed.

“It is the interactions of the women against a vividly painted historical backdrop that engaged me from the first page. . . .The language in Waxing Moon is vigorous.  There is a refreshing lack of artifice. The author tells it as it is, direct and intermediate.” –Audrey Chin,  As the Heart Bones Break

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