WiDo Publishing LLC™ to Expand its Marketing Reach

SALT LAKE CITY, UT Sept. 13, 2012

In its ongoing effort to provide their authors with increased sales presence and social media exposure, WiDo Publishing™ is proud to announce that it is acquiring CeleryTree LLC, along with its website celerytree.com.

The merger, which will be implemented over the next four to six weeks, will allow the author’s co-op, CeleryTree, to function as the publicity and sales arm for WiDo Publishing. Although Celeryree.com will continue as a bookstore and forum for all interested writers, this convergence will be an opportunity to primarily showcase the work of WiDo authors and market their titles.

William E. Gowen, CEO of WiDo Publishing, sees this move as a very positive step forward.  “WiDo authors have typically been the biggest users and benefactors of the writer’s co-op, so it seems a natural step for CeleryTree to transition into another arm of our company,” states Gowen. “Due to WiDo’s increasing number of published titles and contracted authors, the acquisition of CeleryTree will provide a website and bookstore specifically designed to showcase our books and authors.”

CeleryTree, which has been functioning as a forum and bookstore for writers from all publishing companies, will now have as its main focus promotional assistance for WiDo authors.  However, non-WiDo authors can still register as site users at no cost and participate in the forums, or submit their titles for sale in the bookstore.

Shauna Bray, publicity director for CeleryTree, will serve as the new publicist and marketing director for WiDo Publishing. She will assist WiDo authors in preparing for the release and promotion of their books. We know how difficult it is to try and market your books while writing new ones. My focus will be to work closely with each author to assist in implementing their specific promotional plans, and to guide them in exploring additional marketing ideas,” said Bray.

Inquiries can be directed to either information@widopublishing.com, shauna@celerytree.com, or shauna@widopublishing.com.