WiDo Publishing™ Signs Marcy Hatch for Debut Novel

SALT LAKE CITY, UT June 3, 2013

May  010ALike many writers, Marcy Hatch started telling stories as a kid: “My little sister and I shared a room and at night I’d offer her three titles from which to choose then I’d make up a story on the spot, using the chosen title. Later this progressed to written stories, then typed, and finally – many moons later – an actual manuscript.”

A high school English teacher named Mr. Bouchard inspired Hatch to keep on writing. “I never forgot his words,” she states. And she never stopped writing. Her first published novel is scheduled for 2014 release by WiDo Publishing.

Set in the Old West, it is a tale of mistaken identity, romance, and murder. WiDo’s acquisitions editor, Allie Maldonado, fell in love with the story, and with the characters. “I love the mixing of genres in Marcy’s book. Part historical fiction, part romance, and with the time travel element thrown in, it is fresh and original, a novel you just can’t put down. We think it will do very well.”

Katherine Kennedy has it all; she’s beautiful, she’s wealthy, and she’s engaged to the perfect man. There’s just one problem. She can’t marry him. Worse yet, she can’t say why. All she knows is there is suddenly nothing she wants.

Jack McCabe has little in the way of possessions, less in the way of wealth, no where to go and no one to go anywhere with. All he has is a vague sense of discontent, a restlessness that will not abate.

Both are drawn to Cristobel Island and Louis Cade, a man who offers them the unimaginable, something neither can quite believe until they actually find themselves over 100 years in the past, 1881 to be exact.

About publishing with WiDo, Hatch states, “Originally I was dead set on the traditional route for publishing – get an agent and get published, preferably by one of the Big Six. But after blogging for a while I started to learn about some of the other options, among them, the small publisher. I also knew a few bloggers who had published with WiDo, and one of them was Charity Bradford, author of The Magic Wakes. She’s one of my partners at UnicornBell, a critiquing blog we share with four other writers.”

“Marcy is a polished writer who knows how to tell a story,” says Maldonado. “We are honored that she chose WiDo to publish her first novel.”

About Marcy Hatch:

I’m a New Englander, born and raised on the East Coast, and except for a brief stint in California as a kid I’ve never lived anywhere else. That said, I’d trade my Maine winters for some California sun anytime – but NOT the summers! Summer in Maine is pretty near to Heaven as far as I’m concerned.

I live in what’s classified as the Midcoast area and can walk downtown to the Damariscotta River and the award winning Maine Coast Bookshop (can you tell I love my local bookstore?), which has a webcam on its roof and a cafe on the sidewalk. If you want to see what my town looks like from up there, head over to my blog at mainewords and click on the door on the sidebar. You’ll get a bird’s eye view.

Currently I am finishing up the first draft of my latest work in progress, a scifi called NO REST.