WiDo™ Signs S. B. Roozenboom for Sci Fi Novel

SALT LAKE CITY UT September 1, 2014
author photoS.B. Roozenboom has contracted her third novel with WiDo Publishing™ and submissions editor Allie Maldonado couldn’t be happier. “Anything Sarah writes is marketable,” states Maldonado. “This girl can write. I was happy to see another soon-to-be-book by S.B. Roozenboom hit my inbox.”

This one is a departure from Roozenboom’s previous books, which are YA paranormal romance. Her current work is a sci fi book dealing with aliens. Roozenboom has this to say about her new book: “I loved every minute of writing this new novel. This will be my first science fiction novel for the young adult market and quite possibly my favorite.”

Roozenboom began writing as a teen-ager. In fact, the first book she ever completed became Markings, published by WiDo last year. Like Predator Girl (WiDo Publishing, 2012), it has collected many positive reviews from young readers: “a fascinatingly new take on shifters and werewolves” and “a new twist to the paranormal genre” and “Liked it so much that I went looking for another one from the author; only to discover I had read all 3 of her books.”

Author S. B. Roozenboom talks about her writing: “It began early for me and set me free as a young adult. Writing taught me early on who I was and what I wanted out of life. While everyone else was out partying and getting married and having babies, I was out exploring nature and coming up with new book ideas. The older I got, the more of a rebel I became—and so did my book characters. Never settle for ordinary, I promised myself. Never give up on what you truly believe in. And most importantly, don’t let fear control your life.”

“Perhaps it’s because Sarah began writing as a teen that she can so accurately capture that voice in her books,” says Allie Maldonado. “She gets the characters right, the tone, the voice, the themes and romance. On top of it all, she’s a natural story-teller.”

S.B. Roozenboom is the author of Predator Girl, Markings, and Taste of Silver, all paranormal young adult novels currently available through most major retailers. When not writing, she is out exploring the beautiful Northwest, designing new tattoos, or designing new fashions and artwork. Visit her online The Official S.B. Boom