WiDo™ to Publish Whitney Boyd’s Third Novel

SALT LAKE CITY, UT February 8, 2013

098Whitney Boyd’s manuscript landed in the submissions editor’s inbox right about the time her new release Iced Romance was climbing the charts post-Christmas and hitting the Amazon bestseller lists. “I was really excited to see another manuscript by Whitney,” says submissions editor Allie Maldonado. “I figured it would be a definite yes, but of course I had to at least do a read-through, just in case.”

No worries. This new work by Boyd measures up to her previous two books with WiDo: Iced Romance and Tanned, Toned and Totally Faking It. “It’s just a really cute book,” says Allie. “Whitney has such a charming way of writing. Her characters are appealing, her story is entertaining, and like her other books, this one is just a lot of fun to read.”

Whitney Boyd is thrilled to be working with WiDo again. “When I first chose to submit my manuscripts to WiDo several years ago it was because they’re small enough to deal directly with the author. I am now so grateful that I chose to do so. WiDo has been a joy to work with. From their submissions editor, right through to the editor chosen to work on my novels and the cover artist, everyone is professional and diligent. They will not rush a book out for the sake of getting it on the shelves. They make sure each book is the best it can be. I am excited to continue to work with them for my third novel.”

We asked Whitney about her particular genre and if she had plans on trying something besides her trademark chick lit. “My books are fairly genre-specific. They deal with the challenges and insecurities that face women in our society. I love this genre. My own personal favourite books are those that I can relate to because they are set in modern life with modern issues. That’s the type of book I enjoy reading and what I love to write. At present I have no real desire to change genres, but I’ve learned to never say never.”

After two books out, we asked Whitney what she feels about being published, the good and the bad. “The most difficult part of being published is that it opens the door to critiques of my work. When people love my books, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. When people have negative comments, it hurts. I’m sensitive, and in the social media world of today where everyone is a critic, it can be rough. However, the good outweighs the bad, so it balances out in the end.”

Boyd’s third novel, working title “The One Who Got Away” is set in Canada, where Whitney lives with her husband and baby boy. The author  states that “I really relate to the protagonist. She is the most similar to me out of all my heroines.”

Visit Whitney at her website, Whitney Boyd, where she blogs about popular culture and the joys and challenges of motherhood along with her quirky observations on life in general.